Feb 22, 2023 • 1 minute read
Shopify Integration
The term 'Shopify' is a registered trademark of Shopify, Inc. TaxCloud relies on the Shopify API but is not endorsed or certified by Shopify Inc.

Simple Sales Tax for Shopify

Steps to install TaxCloud Simple Sales Tax for Shopify:


1.  Find the application in the Shopify App Store by searching for TaxCloud


2.  Review the requested permissions that our application requires and select the Install app button


3.  Login with your existing TaxCloud account, or visit TaxCloud to complete account registration

4.  Subscribe to TaxCloud Simple Sales Tax App

5.  TaxCloud charges $99 monthly to import your data and remit your taxes in the 25 member states. If you agree to this recurring charge, select the Approve button


6.  You will see the default landing page which displays the monthly import history when TaxCloud imports your transactions into TaxCloud