Calculate, collect, and file your sales tax with ease

File with 100% accuracy – across all 13,000+ US jurisdictions.
Delegate tax reporting to us and save hours each month.
Say no to manual filing – let TaxCloud automate it for you.

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Accurate sales tax calculations with TaxCloud


Accurate sales tax calculations

TaxCloud ensures accuracy in all 13,000+ US jurisdictions, no matter where or what you sell.

Salex tax collection


Worry-free tax collection

Stay ahead of your economic nexus exposure. TaxCloud helps your business follow the rules, increases your collection accuracy, and reduces audit risk.

Automated tax reporting and filing


Automated tax reporting and filing

No more manual filing – let TaxCloud handle your reports and returns to guarantee 100% compliance with all due dates and audit requests.

TaxCloud integrations and TaxCloud API


Native integrations and developer API

TaxCloud integrates with your existing platforms! That includes top e-commerce platforms, ERPs, payments processors, and other tools. For custom needs, you can use TaxCloud’s API.

TaxCloud SST Certificate

Certified Service Provider for SST

TaxCloud is approved by the Streamlined Tax Governance Board as a Certified Service Provider in all 25 member states.

Save time

  • Single identification number to file and pay taxes
  • Notice management
  • Support for filing and returns setup

Save money with free services

  • Sales tax returns preparation, filing, and remittance
  • Exemption certificate processing for invoices
  • Sales tax registration for remote sellers
  • Sales tax calculation

Stay compliant

  • Certified rates and tax codes updated automatically
  • Uniform filing forms
  • Audit support

How TaxCloud works


Set up an account

Start a free trial or contact Sales for help. No obligations or long-term contracts.


Sync sales data

Syncing is simple! Import transactions using a CSV file, use an integration, or connect the API to send us your sales data.


That’s it! We’ll do the rest

TaxCloud will automate your sales tax calculations, collection, reporting, filing, and handle sales tax registration, renewal, exemption certificates, and more.


Call us when you need help

TaxCloud’s dedicated customer support team is here to help you succeed. We help with onboarding, educational resources, and provide support – from real humans.

Expertise in all industries

Apply a product tax code to each of your products and our API will ensure accurate tax calculations every time. TaxCloud stays up-to-date on shifting tax regulations in all sectors – from retail to ammunitions to prescription medications. We’ve got your back, no matter the industry!

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  • Software

  • Manufacturing

  • Medical

  • Health & Wellness

  • Food

  • Outdoor Recreation

Here's what our 2,000+ customers have to say


Juanita S.

Small-Business (50 emp.)

It's so simple to use! I don't have to worry about the tax laws because that's what TaxCloud does. The call-in orders all over the USA can be put into their site manually, and it's easy to do! This is the easiest and best way to send the correct taxes to each state!


Kevin H.

Operating across the US

‘’I dreaded the relaunch of our websites. At the top of the list: integrating sales tax. We couldn't use the same service as our in-house ERP system and I wasn't prepared for what I'd find and certainly hadn't budgeted for it. Signing up with TaxCloud was a no-brainer! Best and easiest decision I made.’’



Operating across the US

’’Very happy with the recent transition to this service. They had a service that fit our unique needs. Great user interface that connected to BigCommerce with ease. The team's responsiveness and willingness to go above and beyond to meet our unique needs has made all the difference. Thank you to everyone involved in making this transition a success!’’


Daniel P.

"We are using TaxCloud to have Odoo auto calculate tax based on zip code. Overall it has been great. TaxCloud is perfect for those who have very little technical skills or low skills in accounting this software will assist in reports and calculations for you. They assisted with everything I needed and pointed me in the right direction."



Operating across the US

‘’Look no further for a sales tax collect, remit and report solution! TaxCloud is the answer. It's simple, affordable and seamlessly integrates with a Shopify store. We have been with TaxCloud since their inception and continue to be pleased with their service and support. Give them a try and get rid of all your sales tax headaches and you can focus on your real business plans!’’



Operating across the US

‘’TaxCloud is super easy to set up and use and integrating it with our online sales platform was a breeze. The customer support is outstanding! You can actually speak to a live person who is extremely knowledgeable and helpful! Great product - highly recommended!’’


Justin B.


‘’As the sole developer in a small ecommerce shop, I was in charge of selecting a company to handle our sales tax compliance. I like TaxCloud because they are inexpensive and also because their API is not needlessly complex. Everything is straight forward and we haven't had any problems in the two years we've been using them.’’



‘’Trying to navigate the confusing world of sales tax has been very frustrating for us over the last few years. The first company that we worked with only made things worse. Since switching to TaxCloud, we've received the service and satisfaction that we were hoping for. The staff at TaxCloud is friendly, knowledgable, and responsive. TaxCloud has saved us money, and most importantly time.’’


Tony A.

Operating across Canada

‘’We were entering the US market and we needed a solution to deal with the multiple state tax regulations in place. TaxCloud Solution was the answer to our problem. They were very responsive in assisting us implementing a solution with our complex sales transaction to ensure we are in compliance.’’


Dedicated to your success – from the start

Smooth onboarding and implementation

Smooth onboarding and implementation

We guide you step-by-step through onboarding so you’re set up for success right from the start!

Dedicated customer success managers

Dedicated customer success managers

We assign you a dedicated customer success manager to guide you through every phase of your partnership with us.

TaxCloud support

Instant-access support – staffed by real people

Whether you’re experiencing technical issues or have a question, our US-based in-house team are just a message away.