Streamline Your Odoo Sales Tax Compliance with TaxCloud

TaxCloud's Odoo integration brings automated sales tax collection and filing directly into your business operations. Free up time to grow your business without the hassle of sales tax.

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Discover how TaxCloud simplifies sales tax for your Odoo platform

Automated Sales Tax Calculations

Automate tax calculations with real-time accuracy across more than 13,000 U.S. tax jurisdictions, seamlessly within your Odoo environment.

Nexus Detection and Alerts

Automatically track sales to monitor nexus thresholds and get alerts to stay compliant in every state.

Streamlined Sales Tax Reporting and Filing Processes

Generate return-ready sales tax reports and rely on us for your tax filings, ensuring compliance without the effort.

Exemption Certificate Management (Coming Soon!)

Easily manage exemption certificates within Odoo, streamlining tax-exempt transactions for your customers.

TaxCloud Odoo sales tax

Manage your sales taxes better in Odoo

TaxCloud partners with Sodexis, an Authorized Odoo Partner since 2012, dedicated to enhancing business efficiency through the Odoo system. Our official Odoo connector is an approved integration, tested and certified by TaxCloud. This integration seamlessly connects to all your Odoo stores, identifies where you’re required to collect sales tax following economic nexus laws, and produces return-ready reports for each jurisdiction.

Sales tax filing

Seamless Integration with Odoo

Integrating TaxCloud with Odoo is straightforward. Start by connecting your TaxCloud account to your Odoo ERP system, and manage all your eCommerce and ERP taxes in one centralized location.

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Excellent product, adding into our ERP, Odoo, and it's been working great. Nothing else to say as long as that keeps up, and we are 8 months in now.

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Explore the answers to frequently asked questions about integrating TaxCloud with Odoo.

Yes, to begin the integration process, you should download the app from the Odoo Apps store. This is the first step to ensure that the TaxCloud module is correctly installed in your system. You can find the app here.

After downloading and installing the app, you can follow the detailed installation guide provided to ensure complete setup.

To configure TaxCloud with Odoo, navigate to Accounting → Configuration → Settings → TaxCloud in your Odoo dashboard. Enter your TaxCloud API credentials, including the API ID, API Key, and the Default Category.

Use the refresh button at the bottom of the Default Category to import Taxability Information Codes (TIC) product categories from TaxCloud. This configuration is essential for integrating Odoo with TaxCloud, enabling the automatic tax computation feature.

Yes, TaxCloud’s integration with Odoo is designed to support businesses of all sizes. The module facilitates seamless and efficient tax calculation for sales transactions in the invoicing process, regardless of the business’s scale. It’s suitable for new installations up to Odoo version 17, with custom solutions available for Odoo 18 and beyond to ensure businesses can continue to benefit from TaxCloud’s services.

No additional software is required beyond the TaxCloud module for Odoo. However, for “On-Premise” customers, the downloaded TaxCloud modules must be added to a custom folder and the path should be specified in the Odoo config file.

“” customers do not need to perform any additional steps regarding module path configuration. After adding the module and restarting the server, you simply activate the TaxCloud integration through the Apps menu in Odoo.

Yes, the TaxCloud integration with Odoo allows for the management of sales tax across multiple storefronts or companies. Odoo’s comprehensive ERP system, combined with TaxCloud’s tax computation capabilities, provides a robust solution for handling sales tax complexities in various business operations and configurations.

For any technical questions about Odoo and TaxCloud integration or for additional support, please contact us at We will be happy to assist you throughout the installation process and answer any questions you may have.