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No more manual work! TaxCloud gives BigCommerce merchants an automated sales tax solution. Easily calculate sales tax at checkout, capture transactions in real time, and handle filing, all directly within your BigCommerce store.

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Why choose TaxCloud for your BigCommerce store?

Setup is a breeze

Easily add TaxCloud to your BigCommerce store by simply installing our plug-in and then changing a few settings in your BigCommerce App. It’s that simple. ​At TaxCloud, we believe setting up an integration shouldn’t be painful or take all day.

Connect to your business systems

Want all your data in one place? Connect TaxCloud to your accounting software, your ERP, and whatever other systems you use. TaxCloud will then automate the transfer of your sales tax data to your existing systems.

Save time with automation

​Leverage the power of automation to save time (and money!) on your sales tax. TaxCloud can automatically calculate, collect, file, and remit your sales tax for you. We instantly calculate sales tax rates across the 13,000+ jurisdictions in the U.S. and file your taxes with 100% accuracy.

BigCommerce Sales Tax

Simple setup through the BigCommerce app store

You can get started with TaxCloud without ANY special code or BigCommerce customizations. Just configure your products with the proper tax codes and TaxCloud will charge the right amount of tax on every transaction.

TaxCloud sales tax filing

Let TaxCloud file and remit on your behalf

Want help filing and remitting your sales taxes? We’ve got you! Just send us your sales tax data at the end of the month and we’ll file your sales tax returns for you. You can do this manually by uploading your Orders Report to our secure platform – or through an automatic upload via our API Integration.

TaxCloud Economic Nexus Insights

Simplify the complexities of economic nexus

Unsure where you’ve triggered economic nexus and need to collect sales tax? Just send us your BigCommerce sales report and we’ll tell you exactly where you’ve reached nexus and where you’re getting close to it. Economic nexus is the point where your sales have exceeded revenue or transaction threshold determined by each state after which you’re required to charge and remit sales tax in that state.

TaxCloud is the best TaxJar alternatives

Assistance with setting up sales tax collection – including onboarding

Have questions? Our TaxCloud experts can help you understand all the ins and outs of sales taxes. You can ask our friendly customer support team (powered by actual human beings – not bots) anything. Industry leading support is what makes TaxCloud stand out among sales tax compliance software providers.

What customers are saying

BigCommerce customers depend on TaxCloud to help them automate tax compliance.

Very happy with the recent transition to this service (TaxCloud). They had a service that fit our unique needs so whether your business is big, medium, or small they should be able to help. The team has been incredibly responsive and quick to provide support whenever needed, which has been a huge help in ensuring a smooth transition. Great user interface that connected to BigCommerce with ease.

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Explore the answers to frequently asked questions about integrating TaxCloud with BigCommerce.

Unfortunately, BigCommerce itself doesn’t have sales tax settings so it can’t collect and remit sales tax for you. But BigCommerce does provide the technical capabilities for merchants to set up tax calculations and rates within their online store settings either manually or with the help of third-party compliance solutions. Merchants using BigCommerce are responsible for setting up their sales tax within the BigCommerce platform according to their sales tax collection obligations.

Merchants can easily automate the sales tax collection and remittance process by integrating a third-party sales tax software solution like TaxCloud. This apps handled everything from calculating, collecting, and even remitting sales tax in all the state and local tax jurisdictions you’re required to file sales taxes in.

TaxCloud can indeed support multiple stores including ones on platforms like BigCommerce, Shopify, and WooCommerce. It can handle your sales tax compliance needs across multiple companies or storefronts without extra costs or limits for using TaxCloud in multiple stores or on different platforms. This allows you to coordinate your compliance across your stores, all from one TaxCloud account.

TaxCloud’s BigCommerce integration features industry leading features, pricing, and customer support. It differs from sales tax compliance software competitors like Avalara or TaxJar in a number of ways. Here’s a brief overview:

  1. Features and Functionality: TaxCloud offers 32 official integrations compared to TaxJar’s 13. TaxCloud also offers unlimited basic data integrations to TaxJar’s three and extra services like audit support. TaxCloud is also a certified provider through the Streamlined Sales Tax Program and TaxJar is not. Avalara does not offer nationwide tax filing and nationwide audit support like TaxCloud. Avalara also charges for each of its services separately so what you get entirely depends on how much you’re willing to pay.
  2. Pricing: TaxCloud offers lower rates per transaction for small to medium businesses compared to TaxJar. For example, if you process 1,000 orders per year with TaxCloud’s Premium plan, that will cost $2,999 with TaxCloud but $3,769 if you used TaxJar. That’s a savings of $770! While Avalara doesn’t list their pricing online and sells their sales tax services separately, to get the same services that you’d get via TaxCloud would cost a considerable amount per month.
  3. Customer Support: TaxCloud provides quick and responsive email, phone, and chat support to all its pricing plans. TaxJar only provides email support on its smallest pricing tier and doesn’t offer chat support at all. Avalara functions more on a self-serve model and can take a while to respond to support queries.

You can integrate TaxCloud with BigCommerce on all TaxCloud’s pricing plans. However, different pricing plans have different levels of functionality and features.

On our Starter plan ($19/month), your BigCommerce integration will include a Basic data import from BigCommerce to TaxCloud. If you need a more advanced integration, our Premium plan ($79/month) includes a CSV import, one Premium data import integration (with the option to add more integrations at $50 each per month), real-time integrations, API access, and enhanced reporting capabilities.

The popular tax calculation software, Avalara, recently made changes to its pricing plans for BigCommerce users. Avalara previously offered free or substantially subsidized tax calculation services for a large portion of BigCommerce merchants.

However, recently Avalara moved towards a model where customers must use their services for both tax calculations and filings. This has led to a significant price increase for some users (for instance, rates have from $400 to $2,200 for some). Due merchant pushback, Avalara appears to have made some concessions for clients with low order volume, offering lower rates like $250/year for 1,000 orders without filings.

This shift has led BigCommerce store owners to seek alternatives like TaxCloud that are better suited for small and medium businesses than Avalara. TaxCloud offers flexible and cost-effective tax calculation – without the mandatory filing service.