Sales Tax Integration for QuickBooks Online


With TaxCloud and QuickBooks Online, you can fully automate sales tax compliance. Sync data from your QuickBooks account to TaxCloud to receive accurate sales tax calculations, automatic filing, and access to comprehensive sales tax reports, among other features.

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Over 4,000 companies have chosen TaxCloud as their sales tax solution

  • Kohler Co.
  • Avanquest
  • Bonanza
  • Kyocera

Why should you integrate TaxCloud with your QuickBooks Online?

Economic nexus tracking

Automatically monitor your sales activities and receive alerts to stay ahead of nexus obligations without manual tracking.

Automated sales tax calculations

Ensure accurate tax compliance across over 13,000 U.S. tax jurisdictions, seamlessly integrated into your QuickBooks Online accounting processes.

Return-ready sales reports

Generate detailed tax reports that are ready for filing. Let TaxCloud manage the complexities of sales tax returns for you.

Simple, value-driven pricing

Our pricing depends on the number of orders, with no additional charges for implementation, support, or setup.

TaxCloud QuickBooks Online integration

Seamless integration with QuickBooks Online

Connecting TaxCloud to your QuickBooks Online account is easy. Manage all your e-commerce and accounting taxes in one centralized location, enhancing your accounting software’s capabilities.

QuickBooks Online taxes

Comprehensive platform integrations

Alongside our API, TaxCloud connects with various ERPs, e-commerce platforms, and payment systems, such as Shopify, Odoo, and BigCommerce. We understand your business operates across multiple channels, and we’re here to customize your tax processes to meet your specific needs.

Personalized onboarding and support

Expert onboarding and dedicated support

Our teams are committed to your success from day one. With expert onboarding, educational materials, and dedicated customer support, we make managing sales tax straightforward and stress-free.



Explore the answers to frequently asked questions about integrating TaxCloud with QuickBooks Online.

During the TaxCloud onboarding process, your account specialist will provide you with a unique authorization link that will connect your Quickbooks account to your TaxCloud account, and that’s it! We take care of the rest.

Yes, TaxCloud supports multiple instances, allowing you to manage sales tax compliance across various parts of your business seamlessly integrated with QuickBooks Online. Please note that depending on how your instances are configured, there may be more than one integration charge.

No additional plugins are required; the integration is a direct connection via the QuickBooks Online API, ensuring a smooth setup.

TaxCloud and QuickBooks Online integration handles exempt orders by importing sales invoices and orders as they are entered into QuickBooks, regardless of their payment status. If an invoice includes a tax amount, that specific amount is pulled in TaxCloud. The process for determining how QuickBooks calculates the tax amount is not reflected in this integration.

In contrast, integrations with platforms like BigCommerce and Odoo allow for the adjustment of item exemptions during calculations. However, it’s important to note that once past the integration stage, TaxCloud may recalculate tax amounts during the filing process based on its taxability information. This could potentially impact the final figures reported. Future iterations of QuickBooks integration aim to offer more control over data filtration and integration specifics.