TaxCloud vs Sovos: What's the best choice?

Switch to TaxCloud from Sovos – and stop buying your tax compliance services separately. TaxCloud gives you just one simple end-to-end sales tax compliance product that integrates the feature that Sovos makes you buy multiple products to access. Learn why TaxCloud is the user-friendly Sovos alternative that supports your e-commerce business better.



Starter (or Premium)

Cost (annually)
$$$$ Volume & feature-based pricing
From $199 to $799/annually
Orders included
Per-order pricing
Starter up to 1,200 (or Premium up to 2,400)
Ecommerce platform integrations (Shopify, BigCommerce, Odoo, etc.)
Payment processors integrations (PayPal, Stripe, etc.)
Subscription management integrations (Recurly, etc.)
ERPs integrations (QuickBooks, Oracle Netsuite, etc.)

Key Features



Starter (or Premium)

Product tax code catalog
Exemption certificates
Address verification API
Economic nexus checker
Economic nexus notifications
Single state tax filing
Nationwide tax filing
Nationwide audit support
Streamlined Sales Tax (SST) discounts
Transaction-level reports
Jurisdiction-level reports
CSV import
Email support
Phone support
Chat support

Why TaxCloud?

Accurate sales tax calculation and collection

Accurate sales tax calculation and collection

Filing your sales tax shouldn’t require that you know all 13,000+ US sales tax laws. With TaxCloud it’s easy. Our Government Affairs team stays up-to-date on all tax changes – and automatically ensures you charge the right tax.

TaxCloud SST Certified Service Provider

SST Certified Service Provider

The Streamlined Sales Tax (SST) program is offered by member states in the US to help remote companies streamline their sales and use tax collection and administration. As a Certified Service Provider (CSP), we can support you with:

  • Sales tax registration
  • Sales tax calculation
  • Exemption certificates
  • Sales tax return, preparation, filing, and remittance
  • Certified rates, tax codes, and tax boundary updates
  • Audit support
Automatic sales tax filing and compliance

Automatic sales tax filing and compliance

With tax laws constantly changing, you might be worried about tax compliance. TaxCloud will ensure your sales tax filings are compliant 100% of the time. TaxCloud keeps you automatically up-to-date on tax rate changes and submission deadlines, making your sales taxes simple.

Simplify your sales tax management

Simplify your sales tax management

Whether your business is big or small, SaaS, or online, TaxCloud has you covered with sales tax solutions tailored to your specific needs. With TaxCloud, you can:

  • Calculate sales and use tax in real-time for more than 13,000 U.S. tax jurisdictions
  • Be notified when nexus is reached
  • Be notified of tax exemptions and sales tax holidays
  • Consult sales tax order data anytime
  • Receive support with an audit

What you get with TaxCloud

Real-Time Sales Tax Integrations

Getting started has never been easier than with TaxCloud’s large (and ever-growing) set of integrations. Every TaxCloud integration enables orders to be easily imported, and advanced features like real-time sales tax calculation and exemption management are also available through premium integrations. We also have real-time integrations with Odoo, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and Magento (formerly Adobe Commerce). These real-time integrations calculate sales tax in real-time – while collecting order information that will help you with filing. We build our real-time integrations internally or with our official partners – so you can rely on them.

Chat and phone support on all tiers

Confused about a state’s sales and use tax rule? Don’t worry. Our customer support is friendly, knowledgeable, and quick to respond to your questions. Better yet, you’ll speak to actual humans rather than bots! Our expert staff makes TaxCloud your best alternative to Sovos.

Industry-leading value and price

TaxCloud offers more features in one end-to-end product. Why buy five separate services from Sovos when you can have one integrated service from TaxCloud? We have industry-leading prices, responsive support, and the most features included.



Our team is on hand to answer your questions.

Sovos is a large global company that’s focused on being the go-to solution for every global compliance issue – from sales tax to shipping and distribution compliance. They offer a number of different sales tax products and services including the Sovos Filing, Sovos Global Tax Determination, Sovos CertManager, and Sovos Taxify products. In order to get most of the service and features you get with TaxCloud, you would have to purchase all those products.

In contrast, TaxCloud is focused solely on helping small and medium US-based businesses with their sales tax compliance. We have two plans with slightly different services and support for each.

The key difference between Sovos and Taxcloud is that small and medium sized businesses are our main focus – and we provide them the type of hands-on support they wouldn’t get at a large global company.

TaxCloud helps by automating the filing and remittance of your returns through our simple $30 service which we heavily discount for those filing nationwide. Sovos has two sales tax filing solutions: Sovos Taxify and Sovos filing.

With Sovos Taxify, you get their sales tax filing software and the help of a sales tax expert. However, you’re still required to file and remit your sales tax.

With Sovos Filing, Sovos assigns you a dedicated sales tax expert that prepares your sales tax returns every month. However, they don’t handle your remittance.

TaxCloud handles both your sales tax filing and remittance for you for a low price.

There are a number of customer complaints online claiming Sovos charged the wrong amount, weren’t straightforward about their pricing – leading to bills 3x what customers expected and having to fix issues themselves because the Sovos help desk wasn’t helpful. Customers also talk about how difficult it is dealing with multiple Sovos programs rather than an end-to-end solution like TaxCloud offers. Other customers claim that the software is hard to use, requiring instruction.

In comparison, TaxCloud is focused on getting your sales taxes right, every time so you don’t have to worry, offers an easy-to-use end-to-end solution, and has responsive US-based customer service.

US companies who don’t sell globally often find that Sovos’ products are a better fit for global enterprise companies and want solutions created for the needs of small to medium US-based businesses. Others find Sovos’ solutions aren’t integrated enough to make their end-to-end sales tax compliance as simple as it could be.

TaxCloud puts new customers in contact with our dedicated onboarding team to help them get started. We also provide them with comprehensive documentation, support materials, and a customer support team that’s available to provide training or answer any questions you have. Sovos offers an online portal with live seminars, courses and more for an additional cost.