Have you found yourself suddenly required to collect sales tax?


Following the Supreme Court’s Wayfair decision in June 2018 and subsequent legislation on economic nexus, many small business owners found themselves required to collect tax and file returns in additional states. 

TaxCloud offers special services for your small business at a friendly price. Our Small Business Safe Harbor provision allows qualifying businesses the ability to use TaxCloud for free.

To qualify you must:

1. Collect sales tax in our 25 Member states

2. Generate less than $50,000 in monthly sales

3. Have nexus in only one state

4. Have sales in more than one state


We pass the savings to you!

We can offer our services for free because the states pay us a small commission for the taxes we remit on merchants’ behalf. Other tax services may receive this commission too, but they charge merchants in addition to receiving state compensation. Not TaxCloud. We pass the savings to you!

What if you don’t qualify for our Small Business Safe Harbor provision? TaxCloud never charges for registering merchants and filing their returns to our 25 Member states. 

TaxCloud has an answer for your small business.

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