Nov 1, 2023 • 3 minute read
Sales Tax Software That Works For You
Sales Tax Software That Works For You If you’re here reading this, you might be feeling like you’re not getting…

Sales Tax Software That Works For You

If you’re here reading this, you might be feeling like you’re not getting what you’re paying for from your sales tax software. And we get it — no one wants to feel short-changed when they’re paying for top-tier service.

Imagine this: you’ve shelled out for a high-end luxury car, and you bring it to the dealership for a quick tune-up, but instead of using luxury car parts, the mechanic breaks out the budget brand. Or, worse, you call up the dealership to schedule a service appointment and are told nothing’s available and no one can help you.

You wouldn’t put up with that from a car dealer. So why are you putting up with it from your sales tax software? If you’re dealing with any of the following issues, it’s time to consider making the switch to a new platform.

Price Hikes

Crazy inflation has become a part of life, but there comes a point when you just want to say, “Enough.” If you’re paying more, sometimes as much as 40% more, you need to see some increase in the service you’re getting. Otherwise, what’s the point?

A lot of sales tax software companies have raised prices on long-standing customers while decreasing the service provided. Some merchants have ended up having to shell out extra just to get a basic level of service.

TaxCloud has been able to help switch merchants over to our platform, often for less than what they were originally paying for the same service level.

Limited Attention

You’ve got questions about your sales tax software, and you’re not really sure who’s got the answers. You’ve tried and tried, but you can’t get a rep on the phone, and no one’s responding to your emails. You’re nervous about getting audited, missing an important filing deadline, or collecting the wrong sales tax amount.

Aren’t these people supposed to help you? Yes, but the sad fact is that many providers don’t. You’re paying for their pricey service, and they’re just not delivering. They either tried to cut corners or have downsized or outsourced their service departments so much that the overall level of attention and quality of support has declined.

Is it Time to Find a New Sales Tax Software Provider?

Switching sales tax software providers is easier than you think. If the end of your contract with your current sales tax software provider is approaching and you’re gathering intel or are ready to make the leap, TaxCloud is here to catch you.

We have a simple, tiered pricing structure that makes it clear to see what you’ll get and how much you’ll pay — and we’ll never charge you extra to get support when needed, whether you’re a small business with a simple setup or a larger company with custom integrations.

All it takes is one quick call to TaxCloud, and we’ll get the wheels moving. We listen to your concerns, help you choose the right plan, and transfer your data over. Just tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll get you into the plan that’ll work best for you.

Stop paying luxury prices for subpar service. Talk to us today to make the switch to TaxCloud.