Richard Cram


Richard Cram is the Director of the National Nexus Program at the Multistate Tax Commission. With a robust background in government administration and tax law, he excels in managing multistate tax compliance initiatives and voluntary disclosure programs.

About Richard Cram

Richard Cram has been leading the National Nexus Program at the Multistate Tax Commission since March 2016. His role involves overseeing the Multistate Voluntary Disclosure program, which includes 38 participating states and the District of Columbia. Richard has a distinguished career in the government administration industry, with skills spanning government operations, public speaking, legal writing, income tax, and corporate tax.

A graduate of the University of Kansas School of Law, Richard is a seasoned professional who has dedicated his career to improving tax compliance and administration. His efforts have been instrumental in simplifying the complexities of multistate tax laws, providing valuable solutions for businesses and state governments alike.


  • Government operations
  • Legal writing
  • Income and corporate tax
  • Nexus program
  • Tax commission


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