Max Lund


Max is the Director of Engineering at TaxCloud, bringing a wealth of experience in engineering, product management, and growth strategies. He is known for his technical acumen and attention to detail, constantly leveraging these skills to drive exceptional outcomes.

About Max Lund

Before joining TaxCloud, Max consulted with startups in the healthcare sector, guiding them through their early development stages. At Foodsby, a food delivery startup, he held multiple roles including Engineering Lead, Engineering Manager, Head of Product & Engineering, and Head of Growth. His earlier tenure at When I Work as an engineer on the growth team saw him developing optimization strategies and innovative features for the product.

Max has a knack for taking on high-impact projects with complex requirements. Before he took on the Director role, he rebuilt the entire billing system for TaxCloud in less than six months. His leadership approach is a blend of hands-on involvement and empowering engineering leads to create the best possible outcomes. With a product-oriented mindset, Max is dedicated to aligning engineering efforts with business goals.


  • Software development
  • Product strategy
  • Team leadership
  • Data analysis
  • Engineering