Horst Carreño-Bauer


Horst is an accomplished Customer Success leader with a history of building and guiding global Customer Success organizations from scratch and developing customer-centric processes for early-stage startups in dual-sided marketplaces, focusing on B2B users.

About Horst Carreño-Bauer

Horst is passionate about implementing new programs and proactively engaging with the installed B2B customer base to maximize adoption, increase LTV, and mitigate churn. He excels at applying innovative solutions to complex business objectives and productively collaborating with cross-functional stakeholders across sales, product, and operations to achieve exceptional results.

Dedicated to building trust and developing talent across all organizational levels, Horst is known for motivating teams and coaching underperforming individuals into management potential. He excels at fostering a highly engaged, inclusive culture where employees thrive and feel valued.

Horst has a proven capacity to drive exceptional customer experience results at scale, from seed-and-grow to enterprise-wide transformations, making him a vital asset to any organization looking to enhance its customer success strategy.


  • Early-stage startups
  • Team building
  • Customer success
  • People management
  • eCommerce sales tax