Ann Rest


Senator Ann Rest, hailing from New Hope, Minnesota, is the DFL Leader of the Senate Taxes Committee. With a passion for tax legislation, she has played a pivotal role in simplifying and modernizing sales and use tax collection, benefiting businesses and states alike.

About Ann Rest

Senator Ann Rest has been a stalwart in Minnesota’s legislative scene since 2001, serving in various capacities including President Pro Tem, Vice-Chair of the Senate Taxes Committee, and Chair of the Property Taxes Division. Currently, she chairs the Financial Audit Subcommittee of the Legislative Audit Commission.

Before her Senate tenure, Ann served 16 years in the Minnesota House, including two terms as Chair of the House Tax Committee (1993-1997). Her educational background includes a master’s degree in Business Taxation from the University of Minnesota and a master’s in public administration from Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government. A retired CPA, Ann is the current president of the Streamlined Sales Tax Governing Board.

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