TaxCloud & FireResQ: Sales Tax Compliance in the Aftermath of the Wayfair Decision

TaxCloud & FireResQ: Sales Tax Compliance in the Aftermath of the Wayfair Decision

FireResQ, Inc. was established in 2011 with the vision of revolutionizing the fire equipment industry by providing critical equipment to volunteer fire departments without painfully long lead times from manufacturers. Led by CEO, Founder, and Firefighter Barry McConaghey and COO and Vice President Daniel Weber, the company is committed to serving the small, local fire departments which make up 65% of fire departments in the United States, by offering competitive pricing on fire hoses and accessories directly from retail manufacturers. Today they have successfully reduced equipment transit times and now deliver 95% of their inventory within two days.

Here’s how Taxcloud helped the company manage sales tax compliance in the aftermath of the Wayfair Decision.

The Problem: Balancing Price and Quality

In the aftermath of the South Dakota v. Wayfair decision in 2018, sales tax suddenly became more complex. With multiple fulfillment centers across the U.S., Barry knew he would need external help to stay in compliance with new legislation.

That’s where TaxCloud stepped in.

Barry and his team knew price would be the main driver when they set out to find a sales tax solution for their growing business. Of course, that didn’t mean they were willing to sacrifice quality.

The Solution: Streamlining Sales Tax

With pricing as a priority in their search for a sales tax solution, TaxCloud stood out as a winning option against competitors with its simple, affordable pricing. The app’s ease of use was also a major plus for Barry and his team.

TaxCloud also proved to be the answer to FireResQ’s API issues.  When FireResQ initially came to TaxCloud they used an ecommerce software that not only was painful to set up and use but the platform made API integrations challenging and expensive. With the help of our dedicated TaxGeeks, they quickly made the move to Shopify as another step in improving their ecommerce tech stack and making sales tax calculation and collection much easier.

No More Sales Tax Stress

Barry has noted that he’s been happy with TaxCloud over the past few years and has appreciated the dedicated support from the team. At this point, only a sharp decline in customer service or a significant change in pricing would trigger him to search for another provider.

Need help keeping your business sales tax compliant? Get in touch with our team today.