Why should I use TaxCloud?

  • Sales tax can be challenging to manage on your own. There are more than 12,500 sales tax jurisdictions in the United States.

  • We are sales tax experts. Our team is comprised of former e-commerce retailers as well as former state revenue officials. We know what you want (fast and reliable sales tax information), and we know what the states want (everyone collecting and filing sales tax correctly).
  • Build your business. Let us do your taxes. Before TaxCloud, keeping up with every possible sales tax rate and product-type and use-based exemption rule in every state required your business to either hire a small army of tax attorneys and software developers, or license expensive enterprise-class sales tax software.
  • TaxCloud gives businesses the option to configure their account so the states subsidize the cost. Our business model is different from other sales tax service providers. We believe that states should pay all (or at least part) of the cost of sales tax compliance. That's why we have contracted with 25 states - with more on the way - to give you the option to have them help cover the cost of using TaxCloud.