Our product isn't taxable in some states. How does TaxCloud handle this?

TaxCloud uses what we refer to as Taxability Information Codes (TICs) to keep track of items (or categories of items) that are tax-exempt in certain states. When your shopping cart requests a sales tax rate from TaxCloud, the order information should automatically include a TIC with the request. TaxCloud will respond with the correct sales tax rate based upon the provided TIC.

TaxCloud's TIC merchandise classification hierarchy is based upon the standard definitions established by the Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement.

For a complete description of available TICs, please review our TIC documentation at

Important note for developers: TICs and their associated definitions are updated regularly by the states. Do not download and retain these codes as static resources in your local, test, or deploy environment. The complete TIC current list is always available for automated inclusion through various real-time feed formats, including JQuery, JSONP, JSON, TEXT, XML, and CSV.

For additional developer resources, please visit TaxCloud's developer portal at