Amazon Setup Guide

Step by step guide to connecting your Amazon seller central account with TaxCloud

1. Log in to your Amazon Seller Central Account.



2. From your home page, click the ‘APPSTORE’ drop down and select ‘Discover Apps.’



3. From the Appstore, select ‘Accounting and Tax Remittance’ and then select the ‘TaxCloud‘ tile on the page that follows.



4. Next select ‘Authorize now’ to begin the authorization process.

Amazon4 copy.png


5. Continue the authorization process by clicking ‘Next.’

Amazon MWS FAQ image.jpg


6. You will be prompted to confirm (by clicking the checkbox ) that you understand that this process gives TaxCloud access to your account.

Amazon MWS Confirm.jpg


7. Finally, you will get a confirmation page that you have successfully granted access. Record the ‘Seller ID’ and ‘Marketplace ID’ information as you will need to enter this data in your TaxCloud account.

Amazon MWS Token.jpg


8. Now navigate to TaxCloud and sign in to your account.

TaxCloud sign in.jpg


9. After signing in, click the ‘Settings’ navigation button and then click the ‘Stores’ icon.

TaxCloud Stores 2.jpg


10. The Stores page allows you to add a new store.



11. Select the Amazon Marketplace and enter your Seller ID and Marketplace ID that you recorded earlier. After adding the new store you will see a ‘Sales Tax Reports’ button.

Amazon11 copy.png


Amazon Store.jpg


12. To input Amazon sales tax data into TaxCloud, select the checkbox next to the report and press the upload button.

Note: The upload process can take a long time depending on the file size. Check back and monitor the imported status flag. 

Amazon13 copy.png


13. Sales Tax Reports can be found and generated here in your Amazon Seller Account:





14. When you are ready to submit live transactions to your account, make sure to select the "Go Live" button. Accounts that are already Live will have a "Live" label instead of the Go Live button.