Steps to connect your Bonanza booth to your TaxCloud account:

  1. In your TaxCloud account, navigate to Settings, then to the Stores & Websites.
  2. TaxCloud => Settings ==> Stores
  3. The Stores page allows you to add a new store. Click Add Store.
  4. Stores => Add Store
  5. On the Store Type dialog, select the Bonanza Marketplace icon.
  6. Add Store => Store Type: Bonanza
  7. Be sure to turn on Auto Import.
  8. Add Store => Store Type: Bonanza
  9. After adding the store, select the Link Account button.
  10. Add Store => Store Type: Bonanza ==> Link Account
  11. This brings you to your Bonanza settings where you will be able to grant TaxCloud the authority to access your Bonanza booth data and orders so we can help you calculate, collect, and remit sales tax to the states where you have sales.

    All you need to complete this step is to Log in to your Bonanza account.

  12. Log in to Bonanza
  13. After you Log in, you will receive a success message. Select Return to TaxCloud.
  14. Bonanza Success
  15. On the Stores page, you will see a message saying the account is linked, as well as a link which allows you to view the transaction upload history.
  16. Bonanza and TaxCloud are connected
  17. That's it Your accounts are now linked! Your Bonanza transactions will be imported into TaxCloud each month automatically.