NORWALK, Conn.–()–Today TaxCloud, the Internet’s only free sales tax compliance service, announced the first national ad campaign by a state Certified Service Provider (CSP) since the Supreme Court ruling in SOUTH DAKOTA v. WAYFAIR, INC. that allows states to potentially compel online retailers to collect sales tax.

Based on this ruling, 12 States have already begun asserting sales tax collection obligations1, and at least 10 more states have announced remote retailers must start collecting their sales tax by October2. By announcing these deadlines the states have ensured that they will be able to collect much-needed tax revenues this holiday season, but the relatively brief interval between the Supreme Court ruling and initiating collection requirements has left many online retailers concerned as to how they can begin complying with so many states’ rates and rules so quickly.

“Many online sellers may not have heard of TaxCloud, so they don’t know about our free service, which is why we selected a national broadcast platform to anchor our campaign,” says David Campbell, TaxCloud’s CEO. He continued, “We’ve been helping thousands of online retailers easily comply with sales tax obligations since we launched more than eight years ago. We always knew the day would come when all online retailers would be required to collect sales tax everywhere, so we built TaxCloud specifically for that day which has now arrived. We believe TaxCloud is the most secure, scalable, and cost-effective tax compliance service on the internet—and we want to be sure everyone knows we are ready to help.”

TaxCloud is a Certified Service Provider

TaxCloud is a Certified Service Provider (CSP) under the Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement (a pivotal component of the Wayfair ruling), so the service is funded by the states and available at no cost to retailers. As a CSP, TaxCloud handles all aspects of sales and use tax compliance for retailers, including:

  • Initial sales tax license registration in the various states
  • Sales tax calculation at the time of sale, accounting for all applicable state, county, city, and special jurisdictions
  • Tax calculations based upon the class of goods being sold to account for product-based exemptions
  • Exemption Certificates management to account for use-based or entity-based exemptions
  • Periodic sales tax reporting and remittance of tax proceeds
  • Tax correspondence with the states (including audit inquiries)

Retailers can get started with TaxCloud on an entirely self-serve basis by simply registering at and following the step-by-step tutorial videos available on the site. Retailers can also easily add TaxCloud to their Seller Central account via the Amazon Marketplace Appstore.

The Gimme TaxCloud Ad Campaign

The “Gimme TaxCloud” ad campaign leads with an alert about the Supreme Court’s ruling: “The Supreme Court has ruled States can require you to collect their sales tax as soon as October 1.” It then explains how TaxCloud’s service is available at no cost to retailers because it’s funded by the states.

The ad ends with a call to action stating, “TaxCloud is already available on the Amazon Marketplace Appstore and most online stores, so getting started can be as simple as clicking a button. If TaxCloud isn’t an option, contact your online store provider and tell ‘em “Gimme TaxCloud!”

The ad is running now, nationwide on Sirius XM, with a wide range of complementary and supporting components on a variety digital platforms.

Listen to the TaxCloud ad here: “Gimme TaxCloud!”

“Gimme TaxCloud” Complete Ad Script:

Online sellers! The Supreme Court has ruled States can require you to collect their sales tax as soon as October first. I’m David Campbell, founder of TaxCloud, the only free sales tax service. We do sales tax for you, for free. We’re paid by the states, you pay nothing. TaxCloud is available on the Amazon Marketplace Appstore and most online stores, so getting started is as simple as clicking a button. If you don’t see TaxCloud, contact your store provider and tell ‘em “Gimme TaxCloud!” the only free sales tax service.

About TaxCloud

TaxCloud is a service of The Federal Tax Authority, LLC (d/b/a TaxCloud), a Washington Limited Liability Company. The company is driven by a simple mission: offer online retailers a free and easy way to calculate and collect sales tax. Since inception, TaxCloud has been designed to ensure ease of use and minimal cost for retailers. TaxCloud first achieved Certified Service Provider (CSP) designation with the states in 2010. Today, TaxCloud is one of the largest providers of sales tax compliance services, with almost 22,000 online retailers registered. TaxCloud is headquartered in Connecticut with operations in California, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Washington. For more information, visit