Feb 22, 2023 • 1 minute read
Quick Books Integration
The term 'QuickBooks' is a registered trademark of Intuit, Inc. TaxCloud relies on the QuickBooks APIs but is not endorsed or certified by Intuit, Inc.

Steps to connect your QuickBooks Online account to your TaxCloud account:


1. Sign in to your TaxCloud account.


2. After signing in, click the “Settings” navigation button and then click the “Stores & Websites” icon.


3. The Stores page allows you to add a new store.


4. On the “Add Store” dialog, select “QuickBooks.”


Note: Be sure to toggle-on the Auto import switch if you would like your QuickBooks data imported automatically each month.



5. Now link your TaxCloud store your QuickBooks Online account by clicking Link Account.


6. Now login to your QuickBooks account.


7. This brings you to QuickBooks Online where you will be able to Connect TaxCloud to grant us access to your QuickBooks Online data and orders so we can help you calculate, collect and remit sales anywhere in the United States.


8. After linking, the “link account” button will be hidden.


9. When you are ready to submit live transactions to your account, make sure to select the “Go Live” button. Accounts that are already Live will have a “Live” label instead of the button.