Feb 22, 2023 • 2 minute read
BigCommerce Integrations
The term 'BigCommerce' is a registered trademark of BigCommerce, Inc. TaxCloud relies on the BigCommerce API but is not endorsed or certified by BigCommerce Inc.

Installing TaxCloud provides sales tax calculation and remittance functionality for your BigCommerce store.  To install, complete the following steps:


App Installation

1) In your dashboard, select Store Setup->Tax, and then ‘Add tax service


2) Select to install the TaxCloud service which starts the installation process



3) Confirm your intent to install the app but selecting the Install button


4) On the next screen allow TaxCloud access to your account data and the app installation is complete


App Configuration

In order for us to start providing sales tax calculations you will still need to complete the following app configurations:


1. Enable TaxCloud to be your sales tax service provider


2. After selecting the Enable button you should see a visual representation that your account is enabled


3. Now select the edit button


4. You will see the below screen. Make sure the checkbox is checked to enable tax calculation and the default Handling (11000) , Shipping (11010), and Default Taxable Code (0 or blank) is in place


5. Make sure that prices in your store are entered exclusive of tax. The setting is controlled here


6.  Your store is now setup to calculation sales tax using the TaxCloud engine. Please note your store will initially collect tax in test mode, meaning we will not remit any sales tax on your behalf and the system will only provide sales tax amounts for a limited time.  To configure which states to calculate tax, to go live, or to get your questions answered using chat, launch our app here: